New and Renewing Members

BNI Central Maryland New and Renewing MembersBNI Central Maryland New & Renewing Members

BNI Central Maryland Region publishes the names of all new and renewing members each month.  For more information contact the BNI Central Maryland Region office by calling (202) 570-2428 or click here to send an email message.

BNI Central Maryland Region is pleased to recognize the following new and renewing members for April, 2020.



New Member Chapter Sponsor
Kay Loughrey BNI Networking Partners Priscilla Johnson
Lloyd Malech BNI Capital Business Alliance Robert Horenberg
David Cohen BNI Networking Partners Mayer Green
Renewing Member Chapter
Bob Hale BNI Alliance
Reshma Bourne BNI Alliance
Diane Lorelle BNI Bethesda Business
Gary Altman BNI Bethesda Business
Victor Calderon BNI Bethesda Business
Bob Stone BNI Business Referral Alliance
Daniel Steven BNI Business Referral Alliance
David West BNI Business Referral Alliance
Jerry Liu BNI Business Referral Alliance
James Joseph BNI Capital Business Alliance
Jamie Hamelburg BNI Capital Business Alliance
Kathleen Martin BNI Capital Business Alliance
Michelle Hodos BNI Downtown Connectors
Mike Giampietro BNI Downtown Connectors
Heather Sunderman BNI High Energy Lunch Bunch
Jenna Taheri BNI Midcounty Connectors
Mel Keller BNI Midcounty Connectors
Rena Strauss  BNI Midcounty Connectors
Matthew Johnston BNI Millionaire Makers
Susan Caulfield BNI Millionaire Makers
Andrew Zettler BNI Networking Partners
Maximiliane Smith BNI Networking Partners
Petar Radakovic BNI Networking Partners
Chip-Yong (Chip) Ng BNI Solution Providers
Mike Johnson BNI Solution Providers
Paul Shrimpton BNI Solution Providers
Tobias Washington BNI Synergy
Charles Kline BNI Wealth Builders

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