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BNI Central Maryland Director Consultants
Our dedicated Regional Director Consultants are here to help!

Whether you are seeking a guest presenter for your chapter meetings or a presentation during closed chapter training sessions, our Director Consultants can deliver a presentation on the content you need.

Together, we can create an environment that fuels your chapters' growth, inspiration, and success.

Want to bring a presentation to your chapter? Please reach out to Nicoletta Pichardo, Area Director. 
Here are the topics that our Regional Directors will be available to discuss in your chapter: 

Brian Loebig is the owner of LoebigInk, a member of BNI Capital Business Alliance.


*Servant Leadership in BNI                                                            *BNI Value Proposition

*How to Find and Invite Visitors                                                     *Hyper Local Visitor invite strategies

*The Value of Networking Power Teams                                        *Using Linkedin to Find and Invite Prospective Members

                                    *How to Leverage the Power of One to increase your BNI results

                                    *What is the Power of One and how does it help businesses in BNI grow?


Sara Evans of BNI Bethesda Business is the owner of Sara G. Evans Career Consulting, LLC 


*Ways to get more business referrals

*Creating a business pitch that resonates with your audience

*Fostering a culture of positivity and growth within your chapter.


Beth Borrego of BNI MidCounty Connectors is the owner of Cruise Planners 


*How to take advantage of BNI Connect to get more business

*How to effectively invite visitors to BNI

*How to find your perfect BNI story to attract more members 


Ann Brennan of BNI Capital Business Alliance is the owner of No Bullshit Marketing


*My journey through BNI - How BNI helped me build my business

*The Power of One - It's the recipe for success. 

*Visitor - changing your mindset from asking a favor by inviting someone to seeing that you are giving them an opportunity.


Scott Chen of BNI MidCounty Connectors is with Ameriprime Lending






BNI Central Maryland Area Director Consultant

Nicoletta Pichardo of BNI MidCounty Connectors is with Navigo International Coaching Institute




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