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Dear Members,

Whether the summer weather calls you outside, or makes you want to stay in your pleasant AC, this time of year is an opportunity to plan the second half of the year, and make sure that you get to your goals.

Everything that you do for BNI, you do for your business, so let's make sure that the summer sets you up for success and growth.

Kudos for creating $1,110,245.00 in Thank You for Closed Business in May 2024. A special thank you to the biggest givers in the region: 

Thank you to all who sponsored new members in the month of May! Sponsoring a new member is an opportunity to help another business owner to grow their business and develop. Inviting them to BNI can be the biggest gift that you can give.

Congratulations to the people who
scored 100% in the
Power of One Report

For the complete report, please click here.

The Power of One is our method to keep accountability. In the month of May the majority of our region has been in the Green/Yellow! That's a great achievement. Way to go! Some members have excelled in their activity and scored 100 in The Power of One.

We are thrilled to announce the newest addition to our esteemed Regional Ambassadors' Team, Jill Spiegelberg.

Jill joined BNI not too long ago, but she has already made a significant impact with her networking prowess and leadership qualities. Recognized swiftly for her dedication and excellence, Jill has consistently achieved Green status in the Power of One. Her trustworthiness and commitment to our values have made her a standout leader, and we are confident that Jill will be a fantastic addition to our wonderful Team of Givers.

Jill brings with her an impressive background as a financial advisor at Merrill Lynch, boasting over 20 years of experience in wealth management. Her expertise and dedication to her field are unparalleled. What sets Jill apart is her passionate mission to empower women to take control of their financial destiny. She has tirelessly worked to provide guidance and support, helping women achieve their financial goals and gain confidence in managing their wealth.

Join Dr. Ivan Misner for the Founder's Education Series, a LIVE presentation each month to help BNI Members and Directors grow their businesses through networking. Register today for the Tuesday, June 18th presentation, “Leadership” at 11:00am ET and watch the first four (5) recordings (“Time Management”, “3 + 1 for Member Success”, “Be the Disruption”, “Santa Claus and Six Degrees of Separation” and "Dreaming Big") here.

Upcoming Events

June 10th - 3:00 pm - 100-Member Chapter Coaching with Shirley Towne - Register here
June 10th - 4:00 pm - Directors Meeting
June 11th - 2:00 pm - Leadership Meeting - Register here
June 14th - 11:00 am - New Member Orientation - Register here
June 17th - 3:00 pm - 100-Member Chapter Coaching with Shirley Towne - Register here
June 18th - 11:00 am - Founder's Education Series - Register here
June 27th - 12:00 pm - BNI MidCounty Connectors Visitors' Day - Register here
June 28th - 9:00 am - BNI Best Practices - Register here


Weekly events
BNI Breakfast of Business Champions Podcast Discussion Group every Monday at 7:00 pm - Register here
National BNI Speed Networking every Tuesday at 4:00 pm - Register here
BNI Capital Business Alliance Podcast Discussion Group every Tuesday at 6:00 pm and Thursday at 11:00 am - Register here
BNI Connect: Deep Dive - Member Series every Wednesday at 12:00 pm - Register here

For regional events please check our calendar here.

Let's have a wonderful summer, let's experience fun, growth and take advantage of the abundance of opportunities ahead of us. Let's Grow Our Thriving Community!


Sarit Arbell
Executive Director
BNI Central Maryland





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