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Dear Members

Happy New Year! 2021 is already here, and everyone seems to be excited about it. It certainly seems that after 2020, we are ready for the coming year, and expecting it to be a much better one.
The truth is, that if we are looking at BNI, our members have done very well in 2020.

Today is a special day as BNI celebrates 36 years of helping businesses and communities around the world grow and thrive.  BNI Founder and Chief Visionary Office, Dr. Ivan Misner has prepared a short 3 minute video where he shares several incredible growth milestones achieved in 2020.  Please take a moment to watch

We have broken the record of Thank You for Closed Business, which in 2020 was $13,764,880 in Thank You for Closed Business. 
That is $44,403 in Thank You for Closed Business per member! 
Shoutout to the biggest givers in 2020
BNI High Energy Lunch Bunch Brendan McKay $814,005.00
BNI High Energy Lunch Bunch Beth Kittrell $457,836.00
BNI High Energy Lunch Bunch Heath Graves $355,201.00
BNI Breakfast of Business Champions James Ketterer $348,593.00
BNI High Energy Lunch Bunch Marc Sushner $284,173.00
BNI High Energy Lunch Bunch Dawn Fyock $283,202.00
BNI Alliance Michael Richards $280,001.00
BNI Bethesda Business Greg Ford $273,937.00
BNI Alliance Alex Heitkemper $228,795.00
BNI Wealth Builders Gabe Fortmann $224,760.00
BNI Bethesda Business Gary Altman $217,830.00
BNI Downtown Connectors James Rizzo $208,125.00
BNI Bethesda Business Stephanie Lewis $188,230.00
BNI High Energy Lunch Bunch Dan Helhowski $186,618.00
BNI Bethesda Business Guy Brami $179,924.00
BNI Breakfast of Business Champions Blair Brylawski $176,038.00
BNI Bethesda Business Steven Feys $167,176.00
BNI Wealth Builders Mary Ann Aellen $151,366.00
BNI Synergy Larry Prigal $131,326.00
BNI Networking Partners Ingrid Mejia $130,848.00
BNI Wealth Builders Chrissy Mayhew $124,896.00
BNI High Energy Lunch Bunch Miguel Familia $120,125.00
BNI Capital Business Alliance Dimitry Price $117,195.00
BNI Networking Partners Bill Rozek $107,159.00
BNI Midcounty Connectors Jenna Taheri $103,645.00
BNI Breakfast of Business Champions Gail Kahan $100,651.00

Our chapters hosted 1027 visitors, which created $218,713 in Thank You For Closed Business. 

Shoutout to the chapters with the biggest growth: BNI Networking Partners +4, BNI Bethesda Business +3, BNI Midcounty Connectors +2, and BNI Wealth Builders, BNI High Energy Lunch Bunch and BNI Capital Business Alliance +1. 

Currently one third of our chapters are size 30 members and above. 


Congratulations to the people who scored 100% in the Power of One Report

BNI Wealth Builders Mary Ann Aellen
BNI Networking Partners Seth Opel
BNI Networking Partners Craig Rosenfeld
BNI High Energy Lunch Bunch Dan Helhowski
BNI Chevy Chase Game Changers Jamel Wilmore
BNI Capital Business Alliance Brian Loebig
BNI Bethesda Business James Bonato

8d538f9d-076d-4d66-93f8-686728935913.jpeg     5dd229eb-3d3e-46b5-93f4-ad573027faa4.jpg     43e118cd-e0db-4be9-9597-ac117624383e.jpg     1e1e170f-73bd-4b55-bb07-f0f5da4182f9.jpg
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For the complete report, please click here

The Power of One is our method to keep accountability. In the month of December the majority of our region has been in the Green/Yellow! That's a great achievement. Way to go! Some members have excelled in their activity and scored 100 in The Power of One:

Member in Focus
Brendan McKay
The Biggest
Thank You for Closed Business Giver 2020


Brendan has years of experience in Mortgage Underwriting.  He and his firm pride themselves on bringing the back-end industry experience tot he front so their clients can benefit from that experience directly.  In addition to this, Brendan spent years as a financial planner helping clients look at their finances from a macro level. This experience allows him to look at a client's entire financial picture, and take their specific home-ownership goals into account when structuring the right mortgage product for them. It also gave him the expertise required to help a client plan for a home purchase years in advance.

Brendan McKay has been a member of BNI High Energy Lunch Bunch since December 2015.  In that time he has held many positions within the chapter, including President.  Brendan is one of the biggest givers in BNI Central Maryland and we are happy to have him in our region.  Brendan and his wife, Jennifer are the proud parents of two beautiful children. Brendan shares his love for basketball with them. 

In 2020 Brendan gave $814,005 in Thank you for closed business to BNI members. On behalf of all of us, thank you! 

Special Ask 
We have chapters starting in Frederick, Urbana, Montgomery County and Upper Marlboro. If you have any professional who is looking for a chapter but their profession is already occupied, please refer them my way, and I will be happy to find them a great chapter. Thank you for your help in advance. 

Upcoming Events

January 11th - New Member Orientation - register here.
January 12th - Leadership Monthly Meeting
January 13th - Speed Networking & Education - link to register.
January 14th - Mentor Coordinator Training - register here.
January 14th - Connect Speed Networking Event - register here.
January 21st - Joint Mix & Mingle with the Rockville Chamber of Commerce - link to register.

For national events please check our calendar here.

2021 is going to be a big year - let us keep on working together, raise each other up, keep ourselves accountable, and let's make it our best year ever! 

Remember that you matter, the BNI Central Maryland theme of  "The impact of one" means that your energy is what builds our success. Keep up the great work! 

Happy Connecting! 
Sarit Arbell

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