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Dear Members,

September is here and the school year has started. The BNI New Leadership is on the horizon, and the Region's Leadership is working hard to support the smooth transition.

It is our time to thank our wonderful leaders who have supported us and led us to  growth and thriving. We are Grateful for your contribution to our members!

We are excited and look forward to seeing y'all at our New Leadership Training on Monday, September 11 at 2-4pm. Whichever role you have in the chapter and even if you do not hold one - you are invited! There's a prize to the chapter that will have the most members stay the longest in the leadership meeting.... So while you connect and grow, you also support your chapter by being at the meeting! 


Kudos for creating $1,013,055.00 in Thank You for Closed Business in August 2023. A special thank you to the biggest givers in the region: 


Congratulations to the people who
scored 100% in the
Power of One Report

David Hawkins                    BNI Fortune Finders
Mary Ann Aellen                  BNI Wealth Builders
Rosa Ramirez                      BNI Power Partners
Michael Garrity                    BNI Power Partners
Brian Loebig                        BNI Capital Business Alliance
Trinh Le                              BNI Capital Business Alliance


For the complete report, please click here.

The Power of One is our method to keep accountability. In the month of August the majority of our region has been in the Green/Yellow! That's a great achievement. Way to go! Some members have excelled in their activity and scored 100 in The Power of One.



Thank you to all who sponsored new members in the month of August! Sponsoring a new member is an opportunity to help another business owner to grow their business and develop. Inviting them to BNI can be the biggest gift that you can give.




Kenny Morales and Jonathan Ger


We are delighted to welcome and congratulate our newest addition to the Regional Ambassadors team - Kenny Morales and Jonathan Ger.

Both have a very successful executive career that passionately shares their expertise to clients.

Kenny Morales founded Genesis Chimney, a company that gives full menu of fireplace and chimney services. He joined BNI in 2022 and currently serves as Visitor Host of BNI Bethesda Business.

Jonathan Ger is a certified and experienced Executive Leadership and Life Coach of Ripple Coaching and Consulting, LLC. He is one of the pioneers of this year's launched chapter BNI Power Partners and actively serves as the chapter's Vice President.


We have now six chapters closer to the first BNINGO and win the cash prize - BNI Capital Business Alliance, BNI Breakfast of Business Champions, BNI Chevy Chase Online ExchangeBNI Fortune FindersBNI Millionaire Makers and BNI Power Partners. Who will it be? Stay tuned!

Checkout those cards here.


We know that you are working very hard to complete your training and getting ready for our exciting New Leadership Training that will take place on September 11th between 2:00 to 4:00 pm. Please make sure that you COMPLETE your online training BEFORE our live Zoom meeting.

If you haven't registered yet here is the link to register for it. Please put it on your calendar, because the chapter that will have the most members stay the longest in the training will get $250! We know that you want your chapter to be the winner.

Also, please fill the Leadership Agreement which is required by BNI.


Upcoming Events

September 11th - 9:00 am - New Member Orientation - Register here 
September 11th - 2:00 pm - New Regional Leadership Training - Register here
September 15th - 9:00 am - BNI Best Practices - Register here
September 25th - 4:00 pm - Directors Meeting 
September 28th - 7:30 am - BNI Game Changers' Visitors Day - Register here

Weekly events
DMV Core Group Interest Meeting every Tuesday at 9:00 am - Register here
National BNI Speed Networking every Tuesday at 4:00 pm - Register here
BNI Central Maryland Regional Podcast every Tuesday at 6:00 pm and Thursday at 11:00 am - Register here
Frederick Forming Chapter Open House every Thursday at 3:00 pm - Register here

For regional events please check our calendar here.

Dear members, Thank your chapter's leaders. Buy them lunch, recognize their contribution, Tell them how much you appreciate their hard work. Recognize them - they deserve it. 

And to our incoming Leaders - thank you for being courageous enough to be a Leader. It is not easy to lean forward, but the reward is ten fold. 

Good luck!


Sarit Arbell
Executive Director
BNI Central Maryland



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