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Dear Members!

Being an entrepreneur means that we are constantly challenging ourselves to improve our products, our skills, and our time management. Here in BNI we focus on helping you achieve your goals. We are supporting you so you will present the biggest and greatest version of you. 

In the coming weeks, you will be hearing from your leaders about an opportunity to lead your chapter and volunteer for a position. This is a great opportunity for you to step up, lean in, and improve your leadership skills. Because that's what we do in BNI - we sharpen our skills and grow leaders. We are an organization of leaders! 
Kudos for creating $ 702,824 in Thank You for Closed Business in May 2022. A special thank you tothe biggest givers in the region: 
BNI Alliance Michael Richards    86,220.00
BNI National Harbor Charlotte Davis    30,800.00
BNI Breakfast of Business Champions Blair Brylawski    28,925.00
BNI Breakfast of Business Champions Gail Kahan    22,918.00
BNI Breakfast of Business Champions Mark Day    21,661.00
BNI Capital Business Alliance Brian Loebig    21,200.00
BNI Synergy Kim Cox    17,488.00
BNI Networking Partners Scott Speier    14,549.00
BNI Breakfast of Business Champions Carolyn Gooden    13,751.00
BNI Capital Business Alliance David Goldberg    12,726.00
BNI Fortune Finders David Hawkins    12,350.00
BNI Alliance Brian Madden    12,000.00
BNI Solution Providers Ian Ford    11,779.00
BNI Millionaire Makers Joann Phillips    11,730.00
BNI Alliance Stacie Gormley    10,887.00


Congratulations to the people who
scored 100% in the
Power of One Report

                   Nicoletta Pichardo BNI MidCounty Connectors
                    Sean Suntum  BNI Alliance
                    Nancy Alert         BNI National Harbor 
   Trinh Le                     BNI Capital Business Alliance
        Mary Ann Aellen             BNI Wealth Builders
 Brian Loebig           BNI Capital Business Alliance
        Eris Norman                  BNI Capital Business Alliance
For the complete report, please click here.

The Power of One is our method to keep accountability. In the month of May the majority of our region has been in the Green/Yellow! That's a great achievement. Way to go! Some members have excelled in their activity and scored 100 in The Power of One.

Thank you to all the members who have sponsored new members from May.

Member in Focus
Katrina Schlothauer of Chevy Chase Game Changers and
Daniel Dacquisto of Chevy Chase Online Exchange


The power couple, Katrina and Daniel are both licensed health insurance agents of US Health Advisors. They put their clients in the best possible position with their health coverage and are great at strategic ways to help other agents reach their true potential. 

Katrina has been with BNI members since 2018. She currently holds the positions of Regional Director Consultant and Vice President of BNI Chevy Chase Game Changers Chapter. She became a Double Gold Member for sharing her belief in the BNI way with 15 members including Daniel who became a BNI member last February with BNI Chevy Chase Online Exchange.

Daniel brings high level of drive and discipline in business. A true leader who leads two sales teams and an awardee for his great contributions on company's sales production. 

Upcoming Events

June 7th - 2:00 pm - Ambassadors' Meeting
June 8th - 3:00 pm - DEI Panel - Pride - Register here
June 13th - 9:00 pm - New Member Orientation - Register here
June 14th - 2:00 pm - Leadership Meeting
June 17th - 12:00 pm - BNI Connect: Extra Deep Dive for Directors/Admin - Register here
June 23rd - 6:30 pm - BNI Alliance Happy Hour - Details here
June 30th - 3:00 pm - Directors Meeting
Every Tuesday we have
Launch New BNI Chapter" Interest Meeting at 7:30 am Register here; and
National BNI Speed Networking at 4:00 pm - Register here
Also, every Wednesday starting June 15 - BNI Connect: Deep Dive for Members/Leaders - Register here

For regional events please check our calendar here.

Summer is finally here, and everyone seems to be planning a trip as if they've never travelled :) As a matter of fact, indeed we didn't travel and did not have a normal vacation for way too long.... 

But nevertheless, our referrals keep on coming and our members keep on being engaged. Let us finish the year strong, enjoy the summer AND grow our businesses. Keep up the hard work, and make sure that we support each other. 

Sarit Arbell


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